Fran Tufro

New blog, hope to stick with it this time...

🗓 2022-06-252m.

After quickly setting up my microblog experiment using zola, I've been wanting to migrate my blog to zola too.

Since I've been blogging on an off for years (2007 at least) and I've gone through a bunch of systems, changing technologies is not an easy job. I moved to netlify using middleman in 2017 and didn't have the time to retrieve my old posts.

This time around I wanted to do it right and recover everything. This was two months ago, and the new blog is still not up. Well, now it is, since you're reading this, but not at the time of writing.

The good news is that I was able to "recover" my old posts, the bad news is that I need to go through all of them one by one to make sure that they're readable and images/videos are still available. Another 'issue' is that I started blogging in spanish, and then switched to english (with a multi-language version in between) and I don't know what to do with all that content in spanish.

Since this is a major task, and I don't have the bandwidth to do it, I decided to re-publish the most important articles and start writing new ones. I'll try to get the old ones back in slowly.

Also, since my last attempt at blogging consistently, I started identifying as non-binary, and developed a preference towards being called fran instead of francisco. I wanted to reflect that on my blog, so I got and redirected the old here.

Hopefully you like my new corner of the internet and enjoy what I write as much as I enjoy writing it.💖